ATTENTION THIS IS BROKEN SOLD AS IS , It has been developed to detect natural gold and other non-ferrous metal objects deeply. This detector is designed to detect almost no depth loss, unaffected by salt water, most mineralized ground types, magnetic rocks, or temperature changes. Specially designed electronic detection systems cancel the imaginary signals coming from the ground. It detects signals from metal objects in a stable manner without being affected by minerals.

Gap detection can be done with VISIONARY. The size and estimated depth of the gap can be estimated on the LCD screen with the help of the graphic shape. Thanks to its depth-finding feature, it can detect open or closed spaces such as graves, cellars, and tunnels up to 4 meters.

The depth of the metal target detected with Adrenaline VISIONARY can be calculated. When the diameter information of the detected metal target is defined, the detector will automatically calculate the depth.

The data obtained with the help of a mobile phone or tablet computer can be analyzed and analyzed in 3D via the Android 3D software. Through 3D analysis, an idea can be obtained about the shape, size, and estimated depth of the detected target.

The electronic circuit design developed to work in the worst environmental conditions produces accurate signals to prevent interference from electrical lines and offers very high detection depths in all conditions.

Thanks to its very easy use, even people who have never used a detector can learn all the features of VISIONARY and start using it. VISIONARY makes the research process enjoyable for treasure hunters, geophysical engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists, and many more, thanks to its ease of use.

Adrenalin VISIONARY is designed for professional users and can be used with small and large coils. Large search coils offer very high detection depths for the detection of medium and large metal objects. Small search coils are preferred for detecting small objects such as coins or gold pieces.

Thanks to its impact technology, it is not affected by minerals and allows searching without losing depth in difficult soil conditions.

It has high detection sensitivity against all types of metal.

Even in difficult terrains where magnetic iron oxidation occurs, VISIONARY, when using the Ground Balancing System, will offer exceptional depth capability for both iron and other non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, bronze, etc.). Other devices are frequently affected by ground effects and this situation reduces depth for deeper detections.

According to depth detection tests (air tests), the results are almost the same for many types of soils. It offers much more detection depth range than standard Pulse Induction or sine wave type VLF-TR detectors.

With VISIONARY, objects of almost the same depth can be detected in almost all soil types or in “air tests.” VISIONARY’s high sensitivity to non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, and copper makes the device superior with new target analysis and many different detection functions.

It classifies each metal detected by VISIONARY with numerical ID values ​​on the LCD screen (00 – 99). The detector discriminates metal depending on the delay caused by reading. Thanks to its advanced metal discrimination feature, it classifies the metal type of deep targets with numerical ID values.

VISIONARY also provides target analysis for more stable iron and other non-ferrous mines with 35 cm DD coil in difficult soil conditions. The detector also gives an audible warning via headphones or speakers.

It ignores small unwanted objects of nail or foil type using large search coils. This way, you can focus on larger and deeper objects. VISIONARY is an excellent tool for detecting small objects deep underground when connected to small search coils.


It has the advantages of using a large diameter head with a Pulse GBS system (Ground Balance System) and high transmission power to the soil.

These are especially necessary for deep determinations.

Wired coils of different sizes and shapes attached to the frame can be connected to VISIONARY without any adjustment.

A special adaptation circuit has been added to the detector to automatically adapt to different coil systems. This provides extraordinary depth capability when connected with any coil.

The larger the diameter of the search coil, the greater the sensitivity to large objects.

Also, smaller objects will be detected with less precision.

The use of a large coil is preferred to detect large objects and ignore small objects.

Large coils offer detection from very deep.

VISIONARY Detector Set (Standard)

Main unit, carrying case, shoulder strap, fast charger (100-240VAC), headset, 110cm x 110cm frame head or kite head apparatus set with a user manual, telescopic handle, and 35cm double D head with 3 rods.


00-40 Copper, Brass, Bronze

40-50 Silver, Aluminum, Large Gold

50-70 Iron, Steel

65-88 Mixed Metal (Tin), Lead

89-98 Small Gold, Platinum, Shiny Metals (small)


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