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metal detector 2d MWF Falke evoluzione della ricerca per la migliore scansione del terreno per ottenere i migliori risultati nella ricerca di oro oggetti preziosi , monete, vuoti, cavita, fiumi sotterranei, grazie alla elettronica avanzata e potenza del sistema

Falke Maximum Depth: 5m with 45 cm Coil.
Falke is an advanced metal detector for professionals, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters, and gold seekers in one device.
The Falke metal detector operating by advanced detection systems that give you high performance in achieving amazing results and reaching great depths that you could not reach before, with accurate discrimination of targets while giving the identity of the target and the feature of detecting ground anomalies to detect cavity.

This machine has exceeded all field and scientific tests, as it has proven its worth as the best metal detector for hunting deep treasure caches and caves as well. It contains many modern functions that make it your ideal choice without competition.

Note: The Falke is equipped with 2 advanced DD search coils:

DD 35 cm Search coil: specialized to searching for Small and medium targets at unprecedented depths, operating frequency 20 kHz.
DD 45 cm Search coil: specialized to searching and finding a medium and large targets with high concentration, achieved results and competitive depths, operating frequency of 14.5 kHz.
General Features:

The Falke metal detector is the result of the extensive experiments and research carried out by our group to reach the deepest gold and metal detector in the world, with very clear results.
Falke gold and treasure detector is your right choice to start treasure hunts and check their locations with functions and features that make your dream come true.
The device contains accurate analysis algorithms that give unprecedented results and great capabilities that enable you to complete the exploration operations with pleasure and great success.
Apart from similar devices that operate in the same way, this device is uncomplicated and easy to operate and use. Anyone can use it and deal with it.
Showing the identity of the target on the device screen, accurate discrimination of gold, precious and non-precious metal, with the feature of setting a mask to ignore targets.
Advanced Double-D search coils with great focus and performance, able to isolate ambient effects while maintaining optimal results.
Great speed to provide the results to the user with an integrated and comprehensive data about the target and the point centre.
Automatic Tuning System (ATS) Special invention and new, registered in favor of MWF GROUP, this system provides accurate results and certain in all types of soils and terrain, because the system recognizes the soil automatically, grants the search process automatic tuning commensurate with the type of soil and properties of soil , With the abolition of any overlaps radiation resulting by the rocky and mountainous territory effect , which may affect a lot of other detectors, but the this smart system, can sorting and analysis and provide the necessary levels which relates of frequency signal, voltage and wavelength of the signal which gives results free of any errors.
The user interface is modern and comfortable, showing all device functions, settings and search results.
Full control over all device functions, settings and search criteria, giving you accurate adaptation to all surrounding conditions.
TFT color screen 5-inch HD, gives the user the clear vision by night and day.
Control the level of screen brightness feature, which gives you adequate lighting for day or night, and to reduce the level of lighting to save energy as well.
Volume control feature.
Multi-languages, Supported with 6 international languages.
Built-in long-life rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, enabling the user to work for 10 continuous working hours.
Safe battery charging system that provides fast charging while maintaining long battery life.
High quality and accurately performance, manufacturing this product by best elastomers, electronic components and circuits with international standards.
The ergonomic design and streamlined shape gives you the power to search and navigate with lightweight and ease of use, which play a big role in quick and uncomplicated results.
Supported this device with simply control panel, works with buttons interface, enables the user to be controlling and setting the device to search easily.
Great speed to provide the results to the user with an integrated and comprehensive data about the target and the point centre.
Detection systems:

FALKE” Deeper metal detector to search for gold, treasures, metal and caves and the most accurate identification of targets with high concentration and amazing results.
Our New Technology(U-VLF) Ultra-Accurate Frequency (UAF) compatible with the very low Frequency system (VLF), is a modern scientific method to detecting gold, metal and caves with high accuracy with the feature of Discrimination between targets and isolating unwanted targets (Mask feature) With advanced properties in this system, which is identification of gold only to search for it without other metal.
This detector features an auto-tuning calibration system that allows the user a quick adjust of the device with the soil and obtain optimal results, In addition to the manual calibration system.
The feature of cancelling the iron metal completely, as the device stops and ignores to giving any results of iron.
The search sensitivity level control feature, which corresponds to the environment of search to get best results.
The feature of controlling the gain level from the receiving coil.
This device contains 4 different detection modes, and each mode has unique characteristics.
General Search Mode: This mode is characterized by the ultra-focused precise search feature, to detect targets with high accuracy, Accurate determination of the metal and caves location and the distinction between it.
The system contains two charts windows that show Metal and Cavity and determine the size of the signal, which indicates the size of the target, the starting detection target point and the end point of target.
Treasure Search Mode: This system provides prospectors with immediate results to distinguish between targets and accurately determine their targets, as it contains many features that provide integrated information about the identity and type of the target with a graphical analysis window that shows the signal intensity and target size as well, in addition to the digital frequency value.
Coins Search Mode: This Mode specializes in quick search for coins, gold and discrimination between it, This mode allows the feature of ignore unwanted targets and isolate it completely from the results, by turning off the feature of detecting these targets by cancellation (mask feature) and the feature of specifying the search for gold only without other metals,
This mode also features a high-focus pinpointer system to pinpoint the target point with high accuracy.
Depth Determination Mode: a system specialized in determining the approximate depth of the target, which helps prospectors to determine the depth of the target before drilling begins.
Accessories Included from Factory:

The main unit.
DD Search Coil 35 cm.
DD Search Coil 45cm.
Grip (Handle) and shaft.
Armrest cover.
Electric Charger.
Storing and carrying bag.
Main unit cover bag.
3-Year Warranty Card.
User’s Guide.
Tutorial DVD.


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