sog paratool



S31 ParaTool®  

il piu’ apprezzato pinza multifunzione utensile multifunzione

pinza  – lama carbide- tagliafili –   cacciaviti a taglio e a croce philips – lima tre lati –  ama con sega –  apribottiglia e lattina- pulisci oggetti – righello – forbice

Length Open 6.4″
Length Closed
7 oz
All Stainless Steel


The Paratool “To Be Prepared” the most comprehensive multi-purpose folding tool ever created. Named from the Latin parare (to prepare), the Paratool’s scope of capability is impressive. Created by renowned designers Blackie Collins and Spencer Frazer, this totally new proprietary tool array offers the unique combination of compactness, versatility, one hand opening, and over 20 features. The beauty of the Paratool is in the fulfillment of its purpose. Every feature, whether mechanical or aesthetic, is dedicated to one goal; to enhance the overall experience of use. The ParaTool is intended to be used for everything from mountain top adventures to paramedic rescues. It is a statement of preparedness. The moveable jaws allow for the ability to operate at a variety of angles (140-180 degrees), indispensable in tight spots. The comfort grip handles are smooth on the outside and feature SOG’s classic ventilation holes for maximum gripping. Be prepared with the Paratool. The following information section describes the multitude of patent pending design and engineering advantages of the ParaTool philosophy… a philsophy of accuracy, quality and disciplined construction. Components: Extended needlenose through full size pliers with Fine, Medium and Coarse cripping surfaces. Wire cutter – capable of cutting chain link fence or paper. 3″ straigh point blade. 3″ serrated sheepsfoot blade – for cutting fiberous material, i.e. nylon rope. 3″ flathead screwdrivers – Fine, Medium Coarse. Phillips #1 screwdriver. Can opener/bottle opener. Awl. File – both Fine, Coarse and Edge Cut. Double saw tooth (optional). Thumb tab/Lanyard hole. Measuring scale – both inches and centimeters. Locking space age belt pouch.



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